We create solutions. They're usually pretty damn stunning too.

Hi. I'm

I’m not your average CIM qualified marketer. My experience and skills flood across a broad range of different areas, from design to website development, strategic planning to CRM implementation. That’s all thanks to my bizarrely entrepreneurial spirit and drive to learn – I’m a theory sponge.

I’m on business number 5, how about you?

How I work:

I like to call them my rules of engagement. They’re dead simple and they exist to ensure you get the best from me and I get the best from you in return. Fairs fair!



There’s one thing we detest more than crap work, and that’s lying. We operate on 100% honesty, so if you ask us a tricky question, we’ll be upfront with the answer. With confidentiality in mind, we expect the same in return



You won’t ever find us looking for the long way around anything. Everything is done right, efficiently, first time. No excuses. We’ll be clear about what we need in advance, any delays inside our control are on us.



You can ask to see what we’re doing for you at any time and we’ll show you the ins and outs, no problem. We’ll tell you if something is going on that may affect your business, we simply expect the same in return.

Passion is power.

It’s no surprise that I excel in doing exactly what I love to do. Thankfully, I’m acutely aware of which skills I find particularly fulfilling, fun and activators of “flow”.

Although I can do a great deal more than the work in the 4 categories below, these are the areas in which I truly shine. Don’t be afraid of hiring me to do your social, your PPC or your PR – I am highly skilled there too, but you’ll get the best from me by hiring me for one of the below services…

Website Stuff

Web design
Web development
User experience
Platform dev.

Graphic Design

Brand design
Print design
Packaging design
Ident design
Icon design

Photo & Video



Business support
Marketing support
Campaign planning
Data analysis

Licentiate Award in Master Photography
My starting point in this field was photography, and during my years as a focussed studio photographer, I garnered this award from the Master Photographers Association.
CIM Level 6 Diploma in Strategic Marketing
As it says on the tin really - I secured the most revered qualification in the industry, passing with merit, ensuring I meet industry best practice from an education point of view.
Nominated for 2018 Inspirational Women in Tech
I was extremely humbled to have received a number of separate nominations from peers for this highly-contested award in 2018.
Nominated for 2018 CodeGirls
At a similar time in 2018, I received nominations from industry peers for this new STEM focussed award.
One of Hull's Inspirational Women in Tech
Coupled with a keynote speech to young females coming up through STEM pathways at the C4DI, this opportunity to present my backstory was both terrifying and humbling.