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Jess has spent over 7 years advising and coaching individuals on how to reach their goals, both professionally and personally. It’s a side to her work that many people do not know about, mainly due to the fact that every single session is 100% confidential.

There is a difference, however, between coaching and consulting. The two are similar but mutually exclusive, and most clients will have elements of both in their sessions.

See below for descriptions of each and what happens for the average client. Remember, if you feel you need support, help is literally just a  few clicks away.


Coaching is largely completed with the business owner, or another individual client, at the focus of the sessions. Sessions are usually conducted via video call and have 3 specific parts.

Part 1 is the preparation. Jess will contact you for your goals that you personally want to achieve within the next 3-12 month period. Everyone is unique but honesty in this stage is vital. Part 2 is the call itself, where Jess will run through each goal with you, in order to suggest an actionable, reliable and measurable game plan.

Part 3 is all about check-ins – after the session, Jess will check in to ensure progress is being made and any questions are answered promptly. The frequency and urgency of these will vary from client to client, based on how much accountability you want to have.


This looks at a wider field than Coaching does. Consulting is usually focussed around a business entity, not an individual person. Jess consults usually on business and marketing strategy and implementation and the work is, usually, charged by the hour.

Consulting usually rolls out in three phases. Phase 1 is the briefing phase. You tell Jess what you want, or what you want her to find. Past requests have been “a 300% increase in actionable leads” and “find a way to free up £85,000 for a salary budget”. In this phase, you will usually pass over to Jess all necessary documents and business application access to allow her to do a thorough job.

Phase 2 is, for most clients, silent. In this phase, Jess is working daily to assess your business as it is now, and how to get what you wanted from the brief. There is usually more than one way to get the same result, and Jess will identify all of these and detail action plans.

Phase 3 is usually reporting & implementation. Jess will come back to you with the results of the extensive analysis and planning phase with a report of what the situation is, how to get to where you wanted to go, limitations and the potential costs.

What people say…

Jess’s coaching has been invaluable, once the website was up and running I had a video call with Jess to help me form a business plan and ideas on how to expand on social media. The quality of the call and video was so clear, I felt like I was talking with her in person. Jess took the time to explain social media in detail and how I could grow my business. Jess had so many ideas, I could have talked to her for several more hours! The document she had developed prior to the phone call was so clear and easy for me to follow. I refer to this document daily, by doing so I have been able to increase my Instagram follower from 850 tp 1,215 within a few weeks.

Marita Davies - Logo-MAIN
Marita Davies Agility & Fitness Trainer

Jess is always on hand to offer advice and we have had many mentoring sessions over the years, on all aspects of the business, including design, branding and marketing, amongst other things. We have had one to one sessions both in person and over Skype. Jess is very knowledgeable in all aspects of running a business and offers no-nonsense honest advice. She is reliable, efficient and exactly the person you need if you want to make your business stand out from the rest!

Katrina Wilson Renowned UK Canine Photographer

Jess’s coaching and seminars have been invaluable in helping me to grow as a dog photographer. She has been a wealth of knowledge. On the technical side she has helped me push up the quality of the photographs I take, in studio and with outdoor action shots. I have also had guidance on running my business in areas such as marketing, sales and advertising. It’s been such a help having someone who has “been there and got the t-shirt”. Her passion for the art and genuine desire for her students to reach their potential shines through. If you are looking for coaching to take your photography to the next level I highly recommend Jess.

Danny Courtis Yorkshire Canine Photographer

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It’s up to you what we cover, but remember that coaching is usually very individually focussed, and consulting is much broader for the business. Try to pick first and identify your goals, then get started below!

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