Harping About

Client: Alexander Thomas
Date: July 11, 2018
Services: Photography & Videography

The Job.

Alex got in touch for some help with photography and videography for his in-development website, with an aim to promote his harp services in the London area.

I regularly travel to London for various projects, events and meetings, so we decided on some locations and commenced planning. Throughout the planning stage, it was clear that Alex needed some abstract shots, some shots including him and a few videos for use in different places, showing his musical repertoire.

We shot some in a low-key studio in Shoreditch, mixing in post-production a high-quality audio recording with multiple takes from HD DSLR clips. My favourite from this set:

Throughout the day we also captured photography for promotional use. A lot of the content was created in the grounds of St Pauls, and in a nearby Costa Coffee.

Alex the Harpist-40
Alex the Harpist-56

The first shots of the day, however, were taken before 6am on Millenium Bridge, with St Pauls in the background. Alex specifically wanted this section to be very flowing and capture a specific classical song:

The Extras.

An additional video was created showing the process of the day, specifically focussing on Millenium Bridge and St Pauls Cathedral, using footage from test shots, phones and more:

The Result.

The videos have been seen by thousands of people and feature regularly on Alex’s social media profiles, his website and his YouTube channel. The images often accompany the videos and have also been used in various advertising applications.

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