Harping At The Hall

Client: Alexander Thomas
Date: January 12, 2020
Services: Photography & Videography

The Job.

We’ve already worked with Alex, a talented musician based in London, so when he got in touch to capture some more content we just had to say yes!

This time, Alex wanted to come up to Yorkshire, so we set about finding a venue that would fit the scenes we were wanting to create. I asked around here for ideas and a friend suggested we speak to the team at Rise Hall. You may recognise the venue as it was the star of Sarah Beeny’s hit show, Restoration Nightmare on Channel 4 – it is now very much restored!

Alex wanted to capture video and photo, and for the video, he had 3 pieces he wanted to record in-take. That means that we were recording the audio and the video in one take. It’s not as simple as it sounds, believe me! With 2 DSLRs on the job, and some handy 4k shooting iPhones, we made it work. First with Ariana Grande in the library…

Then with a classical piece in the stairwell…

And finally with a beautiful rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow, in the sun-filled drawing room…

As we did last time, we also did a behind the scenes video, only this one was a bit extra. You’ll see what I mean:

The Images.

Throughout the day we also captured photography for promotional use. Using some strobes and modifiers, we mixed artificial and natural light to get some truly wow shots for Alex to use.

The Result.

The videos feature on Alex’s social media profiles, his website and his YouTube channel. The images often accompany the videos and have also been used in various advertising applications.

We love photo & video, do you?