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Client: John Ferrett Photography
Services: Brand, Website

The Job.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into creating a photography brand, this is probably a pretty good reference. John got in touch after speaking to Katrina Wilson, another photographer we’ve worked with extensively over the years, and what happened next went a little bit like this…

It all started with an email reaching out to see whether we could help. Of course, I said yes! At the time we were snowed under with jobs and I advised it may take a week or two for us to get the project kicked off. John was fine with the minor delay and in the meantime, he prepared a pretty detailed explanation of his situation, his style, his business requirements and also provided access to existing assets. Perfect!

By the time we kicked off, we had everything we needed to make a pretty solid assertion of where the logo itself needed to go. Below you can see a before and after…



The Brand Process.

As you can see, the signature style has been retained but the whole logo has gone up a level in terms of maturity and professionalism. However, a logo isn’t a brand…

Moving on to the other core elements of the brand, colours, fonts, tone and feeling – we set out to create an identity that would reflect John Ferrett Photography now and in the future.

It all started with a collection of images from his portfolio – the style he was looking to continue creating in the future – and we began to pull colour tones from the images.

It’s really not as simple as that, but after a few hours of work we had created a 4 tone palette which worked so beautifully with John’s imagery, his products and his online presence. We put it all together in a brand book along with a new brand typeface and guidance on use – it ended up a little something like this…

The Website.

Work didn’t stop there. Oh no, the next stop was a custom-built WordPress site which would replace a semi-customised SmugMug portfolio that John currently had.

John gave us full creative freedom and the end result was created in the first draft. There were no amends, no alterations, no tweaks. John was exceptionally pleased with the website and all that was left to do was press the “live” button.

On site live, John released a social media announcement saying that the site was live and ready for visitors.

The Result.

You can view the website by clicking here or on the image above. We’ll be checking back in over the next few months to assess the success that the new brand and site have had on the business as a whole.

If you’re interested in a new site, get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you!

I came to Bramarpla by recommendation. My business needed a refresh, and I felt that it's website was no longer performing. The brief that I gave to Jess, was to completely re-brand and build a fitting site to showcase my photography. Although I only had a rough idea of what I was looking for, Jess intuitively went to work straight away. I was simply blown away at the first reveal. Jess had captured the exact look, style and feel I was hoping for. From start to finish Jess went to complete my brief perfectly, and delivered weeks ahead of schedule. Jess and the team at Bramarpla get my 100% recommendation. Many thanks for your wonderful work.

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John Ferrett Owner at John Ferrett Photography