Marita Davies Agility Logo

Client: Marita Davies

The Job.

Marita Davies, an international agility competitor, approached us primarily for a new website that she wanted to create for the management of both her online and offline training and coaching students. However, she had no brand…

We suggested that a brand was integral prior to the design and subsequent build of a website, and Marita agreed. She briefed Jess lightly on the brand requirements – two specific colours, a feeling of professionalism yet fun and approachable.

We set about working on the first round of idents. As we were unsure how “hard” the logo needed to be, we developed a soft (2), middle (1) and hard-hitting/bold (3) ident for Marita to review:




The Brand.

Marita felt that all three were appropriate for use, but instantly was drawn to one of the idents, number 3. A powerful ident which can carry itself, we used negative space along with Marita’s initials to gain impact.

On the final version, we tweaked the negative space shape, position and site tagline to better balance the whole piece. We then, knowing the wide range of applications that this ident would be used on, created a variety of colour combinations and file formats, to ensure that Marita would always have exactly what she needed for future promotion.

The Brand Assets.

Marita markets heavily on social media, so it was integral to create and launch new fully-branded social profiles to carry the brand through the digital space.

We fed the brand through the website, social profiles and digital posters. The use of two specific fonts, a serif slab and a sans serif, remain consistent, along with the colour combinations used too.

The Result.

Marita now has a brand which is instantly recognisable within the niche she operates in. The assets create a very strong branded image on a variety of different applications including, but not limited to, digital advertising, print media, clothing, vehicle signwriting and promotional merchandise.

Simple yet effective, no?

When furthering my dog agility business, I needed a logo and help to develop a brand. I only gave Jess details on the colours I would prefer and what the brand should represent, but apart from that I was a little limited with my information. Jess came back to me with the first round of designs and I was so impressed, we already knew which one we would use from the first round! Further down the line I needed social header images and event graphics, all of which came back from Jess perfect the first time without any input from my end.

Marita Davies Agility & Fitness Trainer