Menus That Sell

Client: Eliane

The Job.

Jess headed down to the Eliane sites in Berkshire to complete a brand audit – how, if at all, the sites conformed to the brand guidelines. Once there, she found menus created in Microsoft Word, using incorrect fonts and colours.

These menus were printed up on A4 coloured card and were dotted around the restaurant shop floor. Some were on white card, others on a yellow-cream and none were on brand.

A menu is one of the first things, other than the interior design and staff welcome, that a new customer will see to get a feel for the brand. In Eliane’s case, the items on the menu were not cheap, yet the card and design of them provided psychological conflict.

A redesign was in order!

The extra mile.

After creating the menu template, variations for lunch and dinner were created, along with a half-width drinks menu. But that’s not all…

Before the trip south, Jess sent out a survey to 2000+ Eliane customers, whose data was responsibly obtained through GDPR appropriate opt-in, to an email list via the site wifi, which she had previously gated. This survey revealed some conflicts with the brand values.

Therefore, along with the menus, she also worked up an ethos card which reinforces the brand values and explains some of the dish selections on the menu themselves. Further to all of the above, she also sourced branded ethically sourced clipboards, for each menu to sit on…

The Result.

Walking into the site, you’re now met with a completely branded image from top to toe. Guests express thanks for a clear menu, and the site achieves more profitable orders thanks to simple-yet-rarely-done menu design sales psychology.

Not bad, eh?!