Client: Metamorf
Services: Brand

The Job.

Liam from Metamorf reached out for help designing the visual identity for this brand-new start-up. At that point, there wasn’t even a finalised brand name but we could tell that Liam would be awesome to work with.

Once the decision was set for the name “Metamorf”, we were given a lot of freedom to go in any direction we desired.

The brand ideation starts within a sketchbook and moves to the digital drawing board when the creative juices are flowing. The brand name wasn’t the easiest to work with as the potential is so vast, which often leads to messiness — it is important to remain simple and clear at all times.

Sticking with the name, the deliberate misspelling is important, it must always be visible. On the other hand, the digital nature of the brand meant that a square format ident would also be required. In the end, Liam quickly picked a winner from the three final options presented:


The Result

What else?

Aside from creating the ident and its variations, we also assisted Liam in the formatting and visual guidelines for additional assets.

Although not responsible for the website ourselves, we love the interpretation of our visual ideas and think that Liam and the team at Metamorf have absolutely nailed it:

The Result.

It is definitely worth taking a look at the Metamorf website because it is so on-point, sitting perfectly within the AI and Data fields you can’t help but get drawn in.

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