Speak Up Dogs Logo

Client: Speak Up Dogs

The Job.

The Speak Up Dogs team had a big vision, big plans and oodles of energy. But – they didn’t have a brand. Eager to get their business up and running, they got in touch and asked if we could help…

We commenced the design phase with little to go on and it soon became clear that the team really weren’t quite sure what they wanted, but they would definitely know when they saw it! After umpteen rounds of different idents, both the founders liked 2 opposite elements, a speech bubble graphic with strong sans serif type and a wagging tail on a script font.

Mixing the two was quite tricky, but we soon nailed it. The founders fell in love instantly:

The Brand.

The next step was organising the assets into usable, simple designs which exuded personality and told the Speak Up Dogs story.

The assets produced included a T-shirt design, buisness cards and double sided A5 flyers. The designs were put past a select group of individuals from the target market and amends were made to suit their views, keeping in line with the aim for the pieces. The result? Below!

The Result.

Armed with the designs and ready to go, the business is being launched with gusto. I can’t wait to see what the guys there do next!

Simple yet effective, no?