That Photography Spot

Client: That Photography Spot
Services: Brand, Website, Strategy

The Job.

That Photography Spot is one of our own brands, started “for fun” by founder and director Jess McGovern, it has sprawled over two years into an international education brand with a variety of business units…

It wasn’t always like that. Originally called That Dog Spot, it was a new YouTube channel with a few subscribers and a Facebook page that had been dormant for years. Focussing on providing viewers with actionable and helpful photography guidance, the channel grew and so did the additional platforms.

In December of 2020, just 10 months after launching, it was time to pivot but the one restrictive factor that existed was now the name “That Dog Spot”. It needed a new name and it needed one fast – “That Tog Spot” seemed a perfect choice.

The logo was sketched on Christmas day and worked up that evening giving the basis of transformation seen here:



The Brand Process.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – a logo isn’t a brand…

Additional assets were created to ensure that the brand could operate as needed across all of its media types including video intros for YouTube, 100+ page printed books, social media branding, clothing and merchandise, website platform, online courses and more.

The Website.

With 247 educational blog posts (and counting), the website was no mean feat. Using a clone of the existing That Dog Spot site, the rebrand began here.

As 2021 progressed, the business grew and the brand exploded. There was then a need to have a private, gated and tiered membership area along with a whole host of complex, gated online courses.

As well as the scale-up in the website itself, the social media pages also got a make-over:

The Future.

Usually, this section includes “The Results” but for That Tog Spot, as it is affectionately known internationally, the finish line wasn’t there for us. As well as the renaming, rebranding and scaling of the brand as a whole, we also completed streamlining and consolidated a lot of business functions into one CRM system.

There are not many brands quite like That Tog Spot, but if you’re interested in a new brand, site or social presence, get in touch today. We’d love to hear from you!