The Culture Manual

Client: 64TEQ

The Job.

A company that genuinely prioritises culture over all else is a good company to work for indeed. A project came in from the fantastic team at 64TEQ, award-winning VAR of IT and cloud service products, to design and print their company Culture Manual and we got to work straight away.

Bandish at 64TEQ had a clear vision of what he wanted the final piece to be – a 21cm square brochure which was engaging, easy to read and packed with motivational quotes. He’d prepped the copy and content and all that was left was for us to put it together and make it work!

The Result.

The final piece was over 50 pages in length and printed on chunky stock with a perfect bound spine. On delivery, Bandish sent us up a copy to Bramarpla HQ and it lived up to expectations. Since its creation, the Culture Manual has been born again with a few amendments to make it specifically relevant to a particular department.

Thanks to it’s simple yet effective layout, the piece is easy to tweak and change, reprinting as and when required each and every time.