The Recruitment Video

Client: 64TEQ

The Job.

A company that genuinely prioritises culture over all else is a good company to work for indeed. A project came in from the fantastic team at 64TEQ, award-winning VAR of IT and cloud service products, to create an eye-catching asset for a digital recruitment campaign.

Bandish at 64TEQ knew video was the way to go, but the content of that video and the format it would take was less defined. We threw out some adverts which were engaging and Bandish fell in love straight away. We knew the end result needed to be a vibrant video which caught attention whilst users were scrolling through feeds on social media. The result is here:

The Result.

Since the launch of the video, engagement has remained high with applications from prospective employees coming in day by day. Bandish at 64TEQ loved the asset so much that we’ve been asked to create another video in a similar style, which will focus on the product and services the company offers.

We love video, do you?