Tractor Design

Client: AgriArgo UK

The Client.

AgriArgo UK & Ireland are one of many regional branches of Argo Tractors, the Italian brand house which manage, manufacture and market Landini and McCormick tractors for international markets.

The brands are extremely well known in certain countries, leading head and shoulders above other well known makes. Landini is a brand that has been at the same factory in Fabricco, Italy, for centuries, so the authentic Italian style quite literally flows throughout the models.

McCormick is more well known in America, where the power and reliability trump other makes and models. In the UK, McCormick used to be one of the main choices for farmers. However, in the last decade, sales dropped and a restructure took place which is when I was invited to join the party.

As their sole designer, I receive numerous jobs each week for a wide variety of different uses. Some are dealer focussed, some are McCormick branded, some are Landini branded and some are Argo Tractors branded.

The Guidelines.

All three brands that I work on each week have extremely detailed guidelines which must be adhered to.

From a design standpoint, advertisements are rigidly worked up and quite restrictive – leaving the copy and the photography to do all the work. Away from print ads, the freedom is there to use all sorts of techniques to ensure the message is passed across, well, first time.

Over the past few months, I’ve done 30+ jobs for AgriArgo UK, some of which can be seen below:

The New McCormick Journey.

Over the next year, we’re working together, with HQ in Italy, to develop a comprehensive strategy to show the UK farming community (of which I am kind of an honory member) why these tractors actually are on par, if not better than, the household names that you see out and about.

That’s the plan!