UKA Website

Client: Greg Derrett

The Job.

After already designing and developing a previous website for well-known international agility champion Greg Derrett, we quickly set to work on redesigning the old HTML-based un-responsive UK Agility website.

The previous website was not responsive, so it didn’t reshape to fit to mobiles. It was very basic and free of design accents, and the copy was displayed in plain text on each of the many pages.

Now, this website gets a lot of traffic and hooks up to an entry, membership and processing system hosted on a different server. The main elements of this project were to handle the redesign and rebuild of the large site whilst ensuring downtime was absolutely negligible, maintaining service for the 14,000 members.

The build.

We decided to go with a future-proof design which allowed regular and repeated changes from the UKA team to the content on each page. The design held the brand at the forefront and displayed breed inclusivity on each page.

Once the main site structure was complete, we created a series of “how-to” documents which allowed the UKA team to complete daily tasks through the site backend without needing to contact us and wait for task completion. The site was launched in 2017 and remains updated most weeks of the years since.

The Result.

UK Agility continues to gather over 80,000 website sessions each year and bounce rate is historically low at under 40%. The site provides easy access to information for agility competitors, letting them find what they need when they need it most.

We’ve since built further websites for Greg which utilise the same “easy edit” access that his team need on a daily basis.

We have been working with Bramarpla for two years and would highly recommend the services they offer. They have designed several key websites for the companies I run, sticking clearly to the brief to produce professional looking sites that focus on the usability of our customers. In our line of work, there is a need to be constantly communicating with the client about new events and being able to update the web page and add multiple documents is a necessity. Ease of use for our team was therefore important and most definitely achieved. The social media campaigns we have run with the help of Bramarpla have been successful reaching a large amount of our target audience.

Greg Derrett International Agility Champion & Founder of UKA